El programa IVLP es el main del pitch que me aventé en TedX -scouting-

1bPor considerar que este evento consolidó mi participacion en . Social Entrepreneur, Emprendedor social. Así me dijo Kathy Guerra hace aproximadamente dos años y medio cuando me invitó a registrarme a la convocatoria para el programa Changemakers: The Impact of Social Entrepreneur in the US, por mi participación con la comunidad GGMX.

Fue la primera vez que el término impulsaba mi corazón y hacían ring en mi cabeza.  Comprendí que el proyecto que venia liderando desde hacia seis años cumplía una importante labor social al convocar, reunir, conectar e inspirar a mujeres con cierto perfil, dentro de mi comunidad; que el proyecto estaba maduro y era exitoso por su originalidad, por su metodología y  por su frescura.  Y que alguien más lo había notado.

Entonces, revisé datos básicos de la realidad en nuestro país como: que somos mas mujeres que hombres , que el registro en nivel de escolaridad está en su equilibrio y que, somos el 29% de la PEA -recordando que mucho del trabajo que realizan las mujeres es informal, ya sea en sectores informales de la economía o en el hogar- y que vamos a la alza; ademas de la tendencia mundial que reconoce el rol de la mujer en la vida económica, social  y cultural de los países como verdaderos agentes de cambio.

Entonces me la creí y apliqué al programa. En nov. de 2015 estaba participando en uno de los programas culturales mas prestigiosos del Gob. de Edo. Unidos a través de Depto. de Estado, el IVLP, que me dotó de herramientas y me colocó en el emprendimiento social formalmente.

La apertura de Ajna Chakra ha sido esencial en el descubrimiento del


Its Been two long years, I have to say

It seems far away now. Sure I take it, or sure I let it go?

After another year of navigating my life, im back to this blog. Want to put some ideas in order. One of those is life in social entrepreneurship, my work as a volunteer needs to slow down, I need to start doing some grands. I been working for free for so long now, 8 years and counting with GeekGirls project. Now it makes me believe it has been my confort zone. Me the founder and one of the leaders. Without knowing what really that means, to be honest.

The other day I had the chance to talk, in a TedX talk,  to a group of designers who where finishing a tree days workshop about design and social change. I was invited for my work as a social entrepreneur, i took my experience with the IVLP to develop a history

Day 19: Program Closing

Day 19: Program Closing

It was hard to realize it was really Our Last Day Of The Program. Nostalgic, a mix of feelings,  I have been waiting and thinking  of this moment for so long, and now, it is about to end. I had this question around my head, Am I ever going to see this people againg in my life? Am I going to see them all together? ….. Dont think so, really. The world is too big….. and …….so small, time is so relative, after all.

We begun our day at the Public Library of Seattle, a beautiful geometric glass building full of light, shapes and colors. Clear typography and design contrasted by red halls, yellow elevators and  blue rooms, at least that was the color of the conference room we got for the final metting with program officer, Scott Van Alstine from The Department Of State and Amy Reid from the World Learning Institute to feedback on The Program.


There we were, the 14 of us, talking about our experience.   It was the last time that we would listen to ourselves with our graceful and very unique accent:
¨Hello, I am Dukencia from Haití¨
¨Hi, I am Karla Gradilla from GeekGirls in Guadalajara, México¨
¨Iongwa Masangao, from The Republic Democratic of Congo”.

We all had the opportunity to  share some thoughts. Some review the Federal, State and Local System of Government and the initiatives that together, with private sector and community  support people and organizations with social ideas that may change the word. Some others talk about logistics on the program, and some others like Onur, Trian and me found than this experience, more than anything, give us self confidence. A feeling of wellness, of that whether is what we are doing, it is amazing.

We walk out of the blue conference room to take the yellow elevator to the ground floor, to change location in the same library, it was time to get our Diploma for  participating in the Program: Changemakers: The Impact of Social Entrepeneurs in the U.S. #IVLP :  International Visitor Leadership Program 

What An Honor!!!


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Public Library building
100 Avenue, 98104
100 Avenue, 98104


hall at the interiors




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Sophie Lamprou
Sophie Lamprou
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Officialy this one finished. Already I have the paper.

Between 0-10 degrees Celsius,  it was cold. As if the weather knew, it was one of the coldest days in The Program. Perfect for our last cultural activity: A boat trip through the harbor of Seattle. What a great way of feeling it, of breathing it.

A beautiful view of the city, all of it, standing proud. As myself.

In one and a half hour we crossed it, a  really excellent time to settle down and close this time at The Program.

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We stop at the hotel  before dinner. Some time to relax, maybe to get some last shopping.

Excelent choice, Thai food, Pad Thai for me, please!!

Lovely table, lovely food and lovely people. Intelligent, compromised with their communities, ready to impact some others, ready  to expand the seeds of  conscience, ready to share inspiration and ideas about how to make a positive change into this world that needs us so much.



Days 17 & 18

Seattle, Washington.


Seattle is located in the nothwest portion of the State of Washington, on the shorts of the Puget Sound, an arm of the Pacific Ocean. It is wthin the shadows of the Olympic Mountains to the west and the Cascade Mountain Range to the east. The city was settled in 1851.

Seattle is home to 608,660 people and has a metropolitan pupulation of 3,407,000.

Three of the United State’s largest companies are headquartered in Seattle: Internetretailer Amazon.com, coffee Starbucks, and department store Nordstrom. Other companies popular associated with Seattle are based in nearby Puget Sound cities: Costco, Microsoft, Nintendo and T- Mobile.

So many places to go!! So much to see!! And only three complete days to enjoy it. This was our last destination of this amazing journey.  Full of light,  clean, organize and multicultural, there it was, beautiful and magic, awaiting us.

Wednesday, November 18

11:00 am The Tecnology and Social Change Group TASCHA at the University of Washington Information School with the theme: Technology for innovation. 

We discuss new ways to bring information and communication technologies into social justice projects, how people and information interact, how new technologies can drive or improve people’s life.


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University Of Washington

12:30 pm Lunch at FareStart which is a culinary job training and placement program for hotels and disadvantaged individuals of the community. An organization, a social enterprise that helps people how wants to reconnect with a productive life, they provide theme a second chance.This is a good example of business with an social impact.

Great food and excellent service! Some people who come and eat there dont even know what is it all about, students in the program work inside the kitchen.

Cerulia joint us!!!!
Cerulia joint us!!!!

Afternoon free/ Cultural activities 

Space Needle 2 


A symbol of Seattle. The tower stands 184 meters tall and boasts fabulous views of the beautiful city.

Space Needle 2Space Needle view

56,755,628 visitor, including Me

Nice interiors at the Space Needle

Thursday November 19

9:00 am Our first appointment was at The Impact Hub Seattle a beautiful innovation lab, an ecosistem of resortes, inspiration and colaboration, a social enterprise and community center.

“We need to know what we want”  It was the phrase with which Tiffany McVeety began her speech. It was all about the best business practices and  corporativa estructure, business models, strategies.  She is the CEO of the Girandola Center, a global-racing workforce development social enterprise, commmitted to saciable, accesible content delibere through low-cost delivery models. The focus on creating systems to support job-creating small businesses through entrepreneurial training, support iniciatives and infraestructura that result in quality human capital, assent creation and community connectedness. An inspiring woman full of passion and knowledge that show us that every startup can scale and can do it right if you know the value of it, if you belive in that and work hard for it. She gave us her book!!!

amazing Tiffany

Impact Hub Seattle

beautiful instalations at The Impac Hub Seattle

inside the hub

the hub

Sky's the limit!!

Gordon Hirabayasa in the IH

colleagues at the hub

3:00 pm Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation in Seattle, WA

A beautiful and luxurious place to interact with the work being done around the world to help people live healthy and  productive lives. The galleries, full of wood,   introduce visitors to the people who make up the foundation, also inform visitors about some of the world’s toughest challenges, both global and local. An interactive space full of surprises!!

your foundation

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a family foundation


Beautiful instalations

the goal Gates foundation

there We are #IVLPSome of us in the B & G foundation

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It was 15 minuts past 4 pm when we left the Foundation.

After a short rest at our beautiful hotel, we attended a live concert at Seattle Symphony At Benaroya Hall. It was magical , an amazing  way to finish the day, this journey. I felt bless.

Mahler ten symphony




Day 16

Traveling day

Cool and rainy day at our last day in Kansas City

It was a raining went we left the suites for our last morning meeting at Kansas City. We were invited to enjoy a cup coffee  with  Danny O’Neill year’s Regional Entrepreneur of the Year. He told his story on how he turned his passion for good coffee into a must-have addiction.

Morining coffee with Daniel

nice location
nice location

He founded The Roasterie in his basement in Kansas City’s neighborhoods, since then The Roaster has become one of the most renowned specialty coffee roasters in the nation. The model business works with fair trade and traditional methods.

Right after we took the bus to the airport to go to San Francisco, California. Three hours flying and then wait there for another 4 hours to fly our final destination Seattle, Washington. Long way to go! Anyway, I love airports.

ok! ready to go

airports made me fly

Finally we arrive Seattle/Tacoma at 3 am.


The Roosevelt Hotel

Room 1205

Warm and beautiful!!!

Roosevelt Hotel



Day 15

Day 15

Monday, November 16

Blue and cool day at Kansas City, 7 C

Our first meeting was with Amy Hargrove, Director, Corporative Responsibility and sustentability at  Sprint a telecommunications company that provide wireless services and is a major global internet carrier. She told us about the initiatives at Sprint that help reduce environmental impact while enhancing the company’s reputation and its bottom line. They focus on areas like waste reduction, water conservation, sustainable packaging, responsible procurement and some other.

today at Kansas City Star

Anual Report

Lunch time.

Gates Bar B Q umhhhh Delicious and world-renowned food

Kansas, Missuri
Kansas, Missuri

Some yoga around the city

downtown KC


Sophie, Traian and Ruben Greece, Romania and Armenia united by Yogasana
Sophie, Traian and Ruben
Greece, Romania and Armenia united by Yogasana

Kauffman Center

Last activity of the day was Multi Cultural Happy Hour an event  sponsored by The Global Entrepreneur Week  that was being inaugurated. Food, drinks and people ready to meet others in order to make business, to get connected. We had a really good time there, people in Kansas City are very nice and like to know whats happening in others countries and are interested in what you do are doing and how you do it.

Drinks at the Jazz Museum// Jazz session



KC, Missuri
KC, Missuri

printer at Jazz museum

KC, Missuri
KC, Missuri

Lot of activities for a day. I was dead.

And happy!!